Q: Is it your intention that judging of the submissions only occurs once a complete paper is submitted? Or are complete papers submitted once the proposals (executive summaries) are reviewed and accepted?

A: Correct, final papers with reviewers’ comments are submitted after the Notification of Acceptance. Please note that the initial paper submittal is not an abstract or summary but a complete paper for peer review.

Q: Is there a word count limit?  Is there a preferred format? 

A: Papers should be submitted as Word files and should not exceed 4,000 words / 8 megabytes and should have no identifying marks (including those automatically generated by word processing programs). Images should be embedded in the Word files.

Q: Your Call for Papers indicates we are invited to submit papers for blind peer review, presentation, and publication in the symposium program and proceedings. I assume the “blind” peer review is limited to the committee who will select the papers for presentation and publication. Once the papers are selected, the presentations themselves will not be “blind.” Correct?

A: That is correct. The blind peer review is limited to the paper review and selection process.

Q: Are there other U.S. regional conferences in addition to BESS-SB13 California?

A: No. In 2013, BESS-SB13 California will be the only U.S. conference among nine regional conferences to be held in different countries around the world; the international conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain in 2014.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting papers?

A: February 4, 2013